Amzaar was created by a group of experienced Amazon sellers who have been selling online since the internet was young. Things have changed since the wild-west days when part of our marketing campaign involved explaining to customers what the internet is. In the last 20 years the Ecommerce scene has evolved into the machine which is Amazon. Dwarfing all other online market places and even having Google admit they are their biggest search competitor, it seems that if you sell online and you’re not on Amazon you must be doing it wrong.

With over 2,000,000 third party sellers there is intense competition for premium search results, sponsored ads and the Buy Box. As a seller, not only are you competing with other sellers that might actually include the manufacturer of your product, but it is also possible that you are competing with Amazon itself. Navigating hurdles and staying competitive is paramount for turning a profit on Amazon. Even though Amazon’s customer-centric policies can put us sellers at a disadvantage, the platform is there for independent sellers to thrive and be successful. However, being successful on Amazon requires careful attention to many aspects involved with the Amazon marketplace and the inherent nature of Ecommerce and it’s not always feasible or efficient to manually oversee every aspect yourself. Lucky for us, there are several third-party companies and apps providing invaluable services so you can focus on growing your business while technology sweats the small stuff.

Enter Amzaar.com, We have compiled the web’s most exhaustive list of solution providers and apps that are available to assist in all facets of Amazon selling including inventory, customer service and feedback, logistics, international sales, listings and photos, finances, repricing, marketing, multi-channel fulfillment and data management. Not only does Amzaar showcase the available services and technology for boosting seller performance, but we also include valuable information and seller tips in our articles, blogs, videos and webinars (coming soon).