22 Oct-2015

Why Amzaar.com Exists: How Third-Party Companies and Software Developers can Help Amazon Sellers

As an Amazon seller, think of everything you have to do to sustain and grow your business. Below is a flowchart showing many facets required to sell and stay competitive on Amazon:

Amazon selling flowchart

Of course this flowchart is just a sample and may not represent your business model, but the point is to show that a lot of individual tasks are required to have your Amazon selling operation run smoothly. Some of these tasks are repetitive (I.E. repricing) and others are just flat out mundane (I.E. creating listings for several SKUs). More importantly though, several of these tasks are time consuming, especially if you have a lot of SKUs. The good news is that there are several companies offering solutions, whether it’s manpower or software, that will help automate your processes to save time, streamline your business operations and ultimately help you scale up. Amzaar.com is a place to showcase available services and technology so Amazon sellers know what options are out their to help them grow their business. Plus Amzaar also has great articles like this one.

Amzaar.com is the place to find:

– A repricing software that automatically adjusts your prices throughout the day
– Someone to translate your listings so you can sell your products in France, Japan or India

– Software to help you mine data and decide which products you should discontinue, procure more of or start selling
– A service that automatically solicits feedback for product and seller reviews
– Somebody abroad to help with product design or sourcing

You get the idea, if you do it to sell on Amazon there is someone out there willing to do it for you. Of course these services aren’t for everybody as utilizing them will cut into your profits. Do some calculations to see what your time is worth now versus if you paid someone or bought software to do the most time consuming tasks on your behalf. Let technology sweat the small stuff while you focus the more important, and often more enjoyable, aspects of your business. Amzaar.com is here to help!

Patrick McDaniel