2nd Office

2nd Office has helped businesses cut costs by providing highly educated staff that has been trained in eCommerce.

Our services include: Marketplace listing, photo editing, customer support, live chat, orders processing, data entry, web merchandising, SEO product descriptions, newsletters, blogging, web development, graphic design, and other outsourcing tasks that will enable you to grow your business.

By using our services, our clients are able to cut costs and grow by building a dedicated team for their business. With over 150 clients globally, 2nd Office is known as the outsourcing experts for eCommerce. We are not your regular outsourcing company, we are an offshore staffing solution that will help your business grow and save up to 70% off labor costs!

By utilizing our expertise in eCommerce and hiring top talent in the Philippines, we can become an extension of your current team, so your current team can focus on innovation!

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