AmazoPage is the smart sellers “Secret Weapon” – combining the best in squeeze page psychology, traffic conversion, and promo code distribution.

A Conversion Powerhouse!
– Provides your prospects with a uniquely designed and responsive campaign page that will help build instant trust.
– Incorporates a customizable “Special-Offer” pop-up area that hovers above your product’s details.
– Adds an optional video message for each campaign to more personalize your deal offering.
– Filters out tire-kicker type traffic to help to increase your Amazon page conversion rates.
– Helps your product earn Amazon “Rank” by reducing sales spikes and distributing daily sales across time.
– Helps to build your prospect email list faster than any other squeeze page solution.
– Helps maintain seamless message continuity between traffic source (ad, list, post card, insert or label) through your AmazoProduct funnel page and on to your final destination… Amazon.

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