Contalog is an inventory and order management software which helps in centrally managing order processing and stock handling duties for multiple sales channels. These sales channels include B2B store, exclusive ecommerce store, field selling efforts and marketplace websites like Amazon.

Contalog’s inventory management prowess includes multiple warehouse support, stock transfers between warehouses, real-time stock notification, warehouse specific stock information, BIN Location, variant specific product information support along with Barcode entries for each product and much more.

When it comes to order processing, Contalog provides support for orders to be processed partially. Invoices can be sent for partially fulfilled orders and payments can be accepted in parts as well.

Field sales representatives can places quote instead of orders if customers request for a special discount or price. Additionally, field sales reps can create an event for public shows, road shows or trade fairs to place orders won in the folder under the event’s name.

Summary Provided by Contalog