Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius is the premier Amazon customer communication software from Seller Labs. Merchants are able to automate customer emails to increase the quality and quantity of feedback for their seller page, or product reviews. Messages are fully customizable based on MSKU, ASIN, condition, fulfillment channel and more. Emails can be sent anywhere from 12 weeks after an order was placed, shipped, delivered, including day-of-delivery. And with more than 25 variables available to customize messages with buyer information, tracking number, seller links, product reviews, and more, it’s never been easier to acquire crucial feedback. It also monitors feedback to alert you when a negative feedback is left. You’ll know as soon as it happens with email and SMS alerts—that way you’ll be able to address the issue timely and professionally. And with upcoming software updates, Feedback Genius will support many international markets on a slick, modern interface.

Summary provided by Feedback Genius