iLoveToReview was created by sellers, for sellers.  As the first product review service for Amazon sellers and still the only full service solution in the marketplace, iLoveToReview fills a huge need in the Amazon community: How to generate compliant reviews on great products. Even with Amazon’s incredible reach into the e-commerce space, businesses still find it challenging to engage real customers in leaving their product reviews.  On average .5% to 2% of customers (and often the not happy kind), come back after a purchase and leave a product review.
With reviews being one of the most important factors influencing consumer buying behavior, there had to be a better solution available to great merchants who have great products needing exposure. iLoveToReview’s service model maximizes results (86.7% review rate in 2015 on over 101,500 reviews) while minimizing seller time. Clients range from those launching their first product to companies doing close to $100M a year on Amazon. 

Summary provided by iLoveToReview