Kyozou is an all-in-one business management solution that can automate many of your processes.  In addition to Amazon you can launch listings to ebay and we can host an eCommerce website as well.  At its core, Kyozou is an inventory management tool – you will get the best inventory control when you list across all marketplaces and the risk of over-selling is minimized.  As mentioned many processes can be automated – from launching your listings, to proecessing your orders, to processing the shipping (retrieving and transmitting tracking information and printing shipping labels included).  As well there are a number of reports that can automatically be generated.  This is all backed by our award winning Customer Service department – you will be assigned your own personal Account Manager who will first train you, import your active listings, and then be available to help you with almost anything you may need.  In addition you will be able to access our Technical Support department – all for a low fee!
Summary provided by Kyozou