Exclusively designed for Amazon sellers, MeanRepricer offers a first class repricing solution, enhancing sales and boosting revenue.¬†MeanRepricer allows you to define minimum and maximum price levels for you Amazon listings, so that you can work to keep your product prices lower than the competition.Automation allows sellers to do less and sell more, using innovative pricing rules that are applicable across a complete product range.Let’s imagine the following scenario: you have a product listed, and you’d like to compare your prices against your competitors’ prices. You then want to reduce your prices to attract more customers. Easy, isn’t it?But what if you have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of items listed? An easy task will turn into tedious, time-consuming manual labour.Instead, why not use Mean Repricer, which will do exactly what you are after; automate the process, save your valuable time and let you to focus on acquiring customers and growing your business!

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