NetRush’s expertise is as a retail contributor on the Marketplace. There are millions of sellers taking orders on NetRush is a top third-party seller on Amazon, but we go far beyond just taking an order. Our goal is to collaborate with premium brands and use our marketplace knowledge and resources to execute a brands purpose and vision.

There are 4 ways NetRush contributes to a brands success on the Amazon Marketplace

– Brand Control
– Content Management
– Targeted Promotions
– Premium Packaging


The brands we have partnered with have come to expect that NetRush will deliver beyond their expectations when it comes to marketplace execution. NetRush is committed to making the investment when we have found the right partner. NetRush has developed a truly unique program that aligns every partner’s Purpose and Vision with that of their marketplace strategy. Every brand has different goals, objectives, restraints and opportunities. NetRush can help navigate a brand to succeed on the Amazon Marketplace.

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