SellerCloud allows Amazon merchants to manage all their domestic and international accounts through our powerful platform, both merchant fulfilled and FBA. Listing is made easy with capabilities to match your products with existing Amazon listings, retrieve product info directly through the software, and post them for sale. Inventory and pricing are managed though SellerCloud. Audit tools like the ASIN Merge Audit and Listing Title Audit to insure your listings stay in sync. Multiple Amazon listings can be linked to a single inventoried SKU with a unique SellerCloud’s unique shadowing capabilities. Bundling kits enables listing products in both as individual products and as kits while maintaining inventory integrity. SellerCloud also manages and processes orders, including shipping and packing slips. Amazon settlement data is retrieved to ensure accurate profit and loss on each order. SellerCloud enables full FBA Management including accurate restocking with predictive restocking and FBA Inbound Shipments. The inventory and value of your products at FBA is monitored in SellerCloud with FBA Reconciliation.

Summary provided by SellerCloud